Hello, I'm Kjersten

I am a lifelong photographer have found a great passion for photography. I have spent many years traveling the world and being so entranced by the world around me. I am a lifelong photographer and artist. I specialize in animal photography, no matter the size, from the smallest kitties to the largest horses! Along with photography I also use my artistic talent to create custom logos for all kinds of businesses.

I'm a Loveland Colorado based photographer. I was born overseas but fell head over heels with Colorado and what a stunning place we live in. I have done photography as a hobby for many years but recently took the leap to pursue my dreams of doing it full time!

Fun Facts about me!

I was born in a little town just south of London England, and I absolutely love my tea and scones. Cliché I know.

I have the cutest puppy named Denali and she loves going on adventures with me!

I also work marketing and graphic design for a few clients here in Colorado.

"I never thought I would have so much fun and feel so comfortable during a photoshoot!"

—Sloan B